Apartment Management

Entrust your investment apartment to our care. While we ensure it remains in the best condition, you can enjoy a passive income. Our experienced managers have the expertise to take care of your apartment in all aspects. You can rest easy knowing everything is under control. We manage apartments in the South Moravian Region and Prague.

Why is it OK with us?

Apartment Occupancy

We guarantee that your apartment will always have a tenant. We have consistently maintained a 98.9% occupancy rate for the properties we manage.

Paid Rent

Every month we guarantee rent on your account. In case of complications, we will recover the outstanding amount. We handle the inconveniences for you.

Apartment in Original Condition

We regularly inspect your apartment. In case of any issues, we address them immediately. We maintain the apartment in the same condition as when you entrusted it to us.

Handling Complications

If there are issues with a tenant, we handle them for you. Whether it's excessive energy consumption, disturbing the peace at night, or tense neighbor relations.

Routine Repairs

We handle routine repairs that occur in the apartment. We collaborate with vetted craftsmen who are available to us at the earliest possible time.

Communication and Consultation

All communication with the tenant goes through us. You won’t be disturbed on Friday evenings or during your vacation. If you wish, we can also advise you on how to rent your apartment more efficiently.

What Do We Handle?

Initial Meeting

At the beginning, we will discuss your situation – from the technical condition of the property and the suitability of the furnishings to setting the right rent. If you are still considering investing in a property, we will advise you on the selection to ensure it becomes a source of passive income for you.

Taking Over Apartment Management

After taking over the apartment management, we will carry out repairs, modifications, or renovations as agreed and if necessary. We will also facilitate the purchase and installation of furniture and accessories. We will start reaching out to the right tenants.

Tenant Move-In

We will find a suitable tenant for your property. We will draft a lease agreement and have it cross-checked by several law firms. We will ensure a smooth handover of the property to the tenant.

Apartment Management

During the lease, we communicate with the tenant on your behalf and handle their requests, such as repairs or mandatory inspections. We enforce the contractual terms. After the lease ends, we take over the apartment and prepare it for a new tenant.

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