What does a property manager actually do?

Simply put, all activities necessary to take care of the apartment and the tenant while providing you with passive income. We'll find you a suitable tenant, prepare the lease agreement, oversee the tenant throughout, carry out necessary repairs in the apartment as agreed with you. If the tenant fails to pay, we'll take care of their eviction and find a new one as quickly as possible.

When I hand over the property to you for management, what will be required of me as the owner?

Basically just the keys to your apartment and your contact information. We'd also like to hear your ideas and expectations.

How much does your service cost? Will it not bankrupt me?

You certainly don't need to worry about your budget. We'll find a way to ensure that all parties are satisfied.

I'm renting out an apartment and I'm not satisfied with the tenants. Can I contact you?

Yes, we also take over already rented apartments, and we'll handle any problematic tenants. We'll straighten out the situation, assist with setting rules and payments, and improve the entire rental process for your property.

The tenant has stopped paying, and I don't know what to do about it. Can you help me?

Yes, we routinely handle the collection of overdue rent, and we'll take care of this inconvenience for you. Of course, it depends on the circumstances and respecting the law. Please contact us as soon as possible; every day matters in the collection process.

The tenant has damaged my apartment. What should I do? Can you handle this?

Yes, we'll handle such situations, of course.

Will you keep me informed about what's happening with my apartment?

We typically inform owners about important matters or when your decision is needed. With some owners, we've built mutual trust and only inform them about significant issues that impact the profitability of the properties. If you're interested in a different approach, we can certainly discuss it individually.

I only own one investment apartment. Am I too small of a fish for you?

I only own one investment apartment. Am I too small of a fish for you?

Our company is in need of facility management services. How can we contact you?

If you need to cover one-time or long-term activities that your maintenance or facility manager doesn't handle, contact us, no matter what it is. We'll take care of painting, building maintenance, gardening, renovations, and dozens of other activities.

My tenant is a foreigner, and I don't speak any language other than Czech. What should I do?

No problem. We speak English, Russian, and Hungarian. We have rented to approximately 60 nationalities, and we always managed to communicate effectively.

What if something happens in my rented apartment at night? Should I handle it, or will you?

We take care of everything, whether it's day or night. We offer emergency services and are available to come 24/7. Typically, the tenant doesn't have contact with the owner of the apartment, but with us - precisely for these reasons, so they only call us.

I have moved abroad, but I still own investment properties in Brno.

Don't sell the apartments; it would be a shame. We'll set up a system to make everything transparent for you and work even without your physical presence. We'll advise you on taxes. We routinely work like this with clients from Germany, France, and the USA. The same applies to clients within the Czech Republic who have moved to other countries. You don't have to spend time commuting; we'll take care of everything for you.

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